Databases – University of Copenhagen


Many of the department's databases are exclusively in Danish due to their subject matter. Some may, however, be of interest to a wider audience. 


A Dictionary of Old Norse Prose is searchable online and grants access to its word lists, where you can search for meanings and uses of all known Old Norse words. 

Fornaldarsögur Norðurlanda is part of the Stories for all time research project at the Arnamagnæan Institute. Its aim was to survey the  transmission history of the Fornaldarsögur Norðurlanda (the 'legendary' sagas). The database contains descriptions of all manuscripts which contain one or more of these sagas. is a joint venture between the Arnamagnæøan Institute, the Árni Magsnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies in Reykjavík and the National Library of Iceland to catalogue all Icelandic and Norse manuscripts in the three collections. The database contains descriptions of the manuscripts' form, contents and provenance.

Islandia Latina is part of a project funded by the Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions - Research Fellowship Programme. Its aim was to collect the remains of Latin literacy in Iceland, and to organize this information in a single database. It contains a list of all Latin authors and works known and used, in one way or another, in Medieval Iceland, as well as to incorporate all general references to Latin and its uses in the period.

Rearranged Arnamagnæan paper manuscripts. Repository for PhD project files by Beeke Stegmann: "Árni Magnússon’s rearrangement of paper manuscripts"?


Korpus BySoc is a collection of transcripts of numerous recordings of Copenhagen's sociolects.

Korpus CorDiale is a database containing transcriptions of recordings of traditional dialects.

Name Research and Runes

Agrarian Historical Society's deed registrations 1513-1550 is a register of place names and personal names of all the documents in the period relating to a proprietary interest in land, i.e. farms, lands, meadows and forests. The registration covers the current Denmark as well as Scania and Southern Schleswig.

Authorised place-names in Denmark is a list of the official spelling of approx. 25,000  er en liste med den officielle stavemåde af ca. 25.000 danske stednavne. Den er udgivet af Stednavneudvalget og autoriseret af Kulturministeriet og kan downloades i pdf-format.

Danish Runic Inscriptions is a collection of all of the approx. 900 runic inscriptions in Denmark. The database was established in cooperation with the National Museum of Denmark. 

Danish Place-Names contains the indexes from The Place-Names of Denmark, The Names of Danish Lakes, Streams and Rivers and The Place-Names of Southern Schleswig.

Muslim personal names in Denmark is not so much a database as it is a dictionary of Muslim personal names in Denmark with explanations of their meanings. 

Names of the Danes is a database containing every name borne by the 6,5 million Danes who were registered in the Central Person Registration database on 1 January 2005. 

The Place-Names of Denmark is a digitised version of the printed series of the same name. It contains approx. 150,000 items.